Heading to…

To my Grace Family,

This past Sunday morning I shared an update of my discernment process at the 10:15 service. Over the past six weeks:

  • 4 seminaries visited
  • 8000 miles traveled
  • 8 vacation days used
  • 12 days away from Grace during Lent

In the end, it has been determined that my formation should take place at Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, VA. I interviewed there April 1st, received an acceptance letter last week, and will start there this August.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support. I wouldn’t be at this point in the journey without. As I said on Sunday, one answer now opens up a thousand new questions and your prayers are still needed!! Over the course of the next three months, we’ll need to find renters for our house, decide what items will move with us (or be sold) into a 2-bedroom apartment, celebrate Kaleigh’s high school graduation, take part at General Convention in Salt Lake City for 2 weeks in June, leave my job, pack, move to DC, and then move Kaleigh into the dorms at Milwaukee School of Engineering. We are both so thankful for our Grace and Diocese of Fond du Lac family. Kaleigh is thankful that God has provided a way for her to start college and still have “family” close at hand even though her Mom is not. We are truly blessed by you all!

With thanksgiving,


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