Time to Hit the Books

It’s time to hit the books once again! It’s hard to believe that a year has already passed since my first day at seminary. It required a lot of adjustment for me and those I love. This year may, at least, be a tiny measure “easier” thanks to being able to build from what was learned last year.
For those I missed seeing during my two weeks in WI, I’m sorry our paths did not cross. For those I saw during that time, I give thanks! It was “spirit lifting”. It was a blessing to share “My First Year at Seminary” presentation at both St. Paul’s Marinette and Grace Sheboygan. For me, it was great to have the opportunity to share a little bit of what the year held for me and to be able to say “thank you” once again for all of you who love, support, and pray for me and my family while on this journey.
I look forward to being able to be back with you for both the Walsingham Pilgrimage and for Diocesan Convention in October. Normally, I would not likely be able to attend Walsingham. However, a classmate of mine dreams of going to England’s Walsingham and I suggested that, in the meantime, a pilgrimage to Grace would fit the bill. How blessed we are to be able to celebrate at Grace! In the coming weeks we’ll see if others from VTS are interested. (Though, the following week is the start of our finals for first quarter.)
Which bring me back to the topic of studies. Like many other schools, our classes also will begin again in full swing beginning Sept 6th. For me, this fall will include Homiletics (preaching), Systematics (understanding God), University Chaplaincy (good idea since I’ll be at Georgetown), Crossing Cultures (required in order to be involved with any of the VTS mission trips or pilgrimages to Jerusalem or Rome), and either Basic Musicianship (a required course) or Liturgics in the Context of Suffering. I haven’t decided yet and am considering the latter due to the amazing learning experience I had this summer while learning about working with those with dementia and Alzheimer’s. It has me hungry to now learn how to delicately deal with suffering, loss, and tragedy in the context of parish services. A challenging course, yet necessary in our current world. In the midst of all of this, I will also begin doing field education with my “parish” at Georgetown University beginning right away during Freshman Orientation. This fall will be just as busy as last fall, but incredibly rewarding, I have no doubt.
For those of you who attended one of my presentations, you’ll notice that amongst the texts in the photo are three by “church fathers.” I have grown to love listening to what they have to say to me. As my dear mentor, C. S. Lewis, says: “firsthand knowledge…is usually much easier and more delightful to acquire.” In his intro to Saint Athanasius, he also says that a person should read at least one “old” book for every three “new” ones. I am so thankful that his guidance is allowing me to embrace “play” in a whole new way. I’ve learned to adore reading what was written long ago and reflect on how it relates to what is happening today. Such a gift! “Old” readings have yielded a new “playground” that I never anticipated I’d enjoy as much as I do!
Soon, also, the new apartment will be ready for the move onto campus. There is SO much going on as this fall term begins!! Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. (Ps 37:4) The workload will be great this year and your prayers remain needed all the more…for me AND for all who are being prepared for that which our Lord calls us to do.
By His Love,                                                                                             Bobbi

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