The dictionary defines “biannual” as 1) occurring twice per year or 2) occurring every two years. Honestly, I never set out for either to be true. However, looking over the last few entries, either definition is fitting…and neither of them are suitable to me.

There was a time when I wrote online daily. Now, my daily scribbles get saved in my Luechtturm1917 journals.

8 years of journals, across multiple countries

I’m pleased that I’ve been writing each day, yet it’s not quite the same. I’ve occasionally missed the interaction that posting here is sometimes able to provide…a “dance” of thoughts. And, while it can be pleasing to write ANYTHING for an audience of one, it is a bit like dancing by oneself; it’s safe but I’m not always sure it makes any sense. I miss writing with others in mind, even if I don’t like occasionally having my toes stepped on.

I started thinking recently of returning to this place of sharing thoughts with others in this dance called life. I recently finished the last book written by Rachel Held Evans, Wholehearted Faith. In it, she shared the inspirational “tool” necessary for my return to this format: “thick skin, tender heart.” (p163)

So, it is time to begin again. Beginning again is SCARY.

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