“My Name is Bobbi and I am an E7”

Say what!?!

You may already know my name. You may not know that I am an E7: which stands for Enneagram 7 – The Adventurer/Enthusiast. (If you’re curious what your Enneagram type may be, you can take an Enneagram “test” here for free.)

For those of you who know me, the “Enthusiast” title may not surprise you. After all, when introducing myself in groups where we are asked to share our “spirit animal,” I will pronounce that my spirit animal is Tigger. (When excited I’ve been known to get a bit bouncy, too!) E7s tend to have a lot of energy and enthusiasm for new things (hence the name) which is both a blessing and a curse. It can make others around us delighted or irritated (and sometimes concurrently). BTW when I first took the test and received the result “adventurer,” I thought it was SO WRONG cuz I am afraid of everything…I face those fears though and that’s always where and how the adventure begins. (I mean who willingly CHOOSES to fly into a war torn country!?!)

Tulips bring me joy!

So why tell you this? The anniversary of my birth took place this past week. There was no party. There was no cake, though I did buy myself tulips (because they make me happy). There was just me. And it was just fine! In fact, that is HUGE that it was just fine! For several years it hasn’t been. It has been not fine to be isolated. In fact, it was so ‘unfine” that it led to feeling mentally unfit. A year ago, I decided to get back in shape mentally. To do the things that could bring me back to life and renewed energy.

In his video, An Introduction to Joy, I was reminded by theologian Rob Bell that God walks with us through all pain and that joy is present all around us. I was reminded that I could wallow in the pain of isolation, feel good and sorry for myself, or seek joy…in new ways and old. The video was just the medicine I needed and I wrote in my journal that in the coming year I would live my life as a “joy monger.” (Go watch the video. Seriously. Let me know if it also helps you with perspective.)

On my birthday this year, I was thrilled to take stock of the past year and see not only how far I’ve come but how hope filled I am for what comes next! That journey towards wholeness (because we’re all seeking wholeness) did not come easily or overnight. Small steps somedays and giant leaps on others, but all of it included seeking what joy could be gleaned each and everyday. Sometimes posting it to Instagram. Sometimes savoring it for myself in my journal.

Part of my return to the blogosphere is because I want to encourage others towards wholeness and finding joy. I am an E7, which means that I’m an enthusiast and uniquely created to encourage others, in my case towards hope….towards faith….towards love…towards joy….towards wholeness.

In the coming weeks, I look forward to sharing with you. I’m currently also working on a couple of side projects including creating a dictionary. I’d love to hear your suggestions of words that cause you to wonder or wince. Words that confuse you or that others confuse. My words are “pilgrim”, “progress”, and “joy”. Stay tuned.

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  1. Bobbi it’s so great to hear your voice again…enthusiastic u are!’ I’m in a facility now in Maine)aschsplsin) and have 4wen on life enrichement team who’s charge is to be a”7” …

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